Don't make facial-expressions
Because my face sees your face which's terrible and
It's terrible to talk quietly with human-beings in Juno, Alaska
I desire more than anything a laser-targeting system
And a way to enter your face
Through your nose maybe through your ears I'm hot
Because it's spring here and the melted everything's something else
When I'm alone I listen to the radio because there're human-beings there and I can feel them radiating around me until you ask about ethical-food and honey-bees
I desire more than anything a way to keep my brain in a box under the bed
The box should be clear and with wires
And you could hold it carefully while I execute a devastating cross-over dribble
If my brain had a laser-targeting system
We could remove our eyes and give them to the sea-otters
Who love human-eyes more than anything
I've always known that I could surgically repair my body
With tweezers or something with the switch-blade-knife we hid in the basement
My finger's beautiful I'll give it to you
Through the windshield
I see Walgreen's and wonder if Walgreen's loves me and every human-being
Or will Walgreen's only love human-beings when I buy the Bayer aspirin that's waiting calmly on the shelf
I desire more than anything a sea-otter with a devastating cross-over dribble
Because I want to be devastated in Alaska with honey-bees
And to eat the snow that waits coldly on the hill
To be pollinated is more desirable than anything
Depleting food supplies and colony collapse disorder have enraged the bee-keepers who are burning their white bee-proof costumes
And destroying the fruit that was to be eaten this winter
Because more than anything the bee-keepers desire laser-targeting systems and doppler-radar
To track the honey-bees who have escaped carefully
Into my brain which desires more than anything another brain to become this spring
When the brains are harvested like cabbages
And arranged in brain-pyramids at Safeway and Kroger next to the cough-syrup which loves my throat carefully and which desires only your tongue
I have come to the conclusion based solely on empirical evidence gathered by my team of interns that your tongue can save the world-empire
We can breed your tongue with itself
And feed it to the honey-bees
Who want only to survive ploddingly in the Arizona desert tomorrow
Where we sit and desire desire more than anything
The sky's beautifully close and there's a something here and we can name it


Don't worry

This poem doesn't mean you have to call or send emails about the beauty of every living thing that moves carefully along my bathroom floor

Or even the beauty of automobiles and the people like green brains within them who watch me as I ride across the Columbia River

Just buy me some fried-chicken

Or buy a chicken and we can slaughter the chicken and fry the chicken together

Because there's nothing more fulfilling than killing chickens

I think

I could be wrong

I didn't graduate high-school and am studying at Everest-College to be a nursing-assistant because I want only to help people with scalpels and swabs

During recess you tell me about my legs

Because my legs are beautifully long or something about insects

If I had a twenty-megaton thermodynamic nuclear-device I'd only destroy the countries you've never visited

'Cool' you say as though people talk about twenty-megaton thermodynamic nuclear-devices during homeroom and before we make the doughnuts

Until I cut my finger from my hand and hand you the finger and run

Because inside the finger is the nuclear-device

And I lied about only destroying countries you've never visited because countries are stupid and only waiting to be destroyed and that's why you don't bet your life on humans or emotions


apocryphaltext Vol. 4

Ofelia Hunt is the author of My Eventual Bloodless Coup (Bear Parade). Her novel Today & Tomorrow (Magic Helicopter Press) is due out Spring 2011.



two poems by ofelia hunt